watercolor step by step tutorial von hortensias flowers in a jar

GREEN FIELDS, GREEN MEADOWS | Watercolour Step by Step landscape tutorial

Materials: PAPER: Watercolours 300 grams cold-pressed  36 × 51 cm (14” x 20”): COLOURS: Transparent Yellow or Aureoline, New Gamboge, Alizarin Crimson, Permanent Rose, Winsor Orange or (New Gamboge + 15% Alizarin Crimson), Perylene Green, Viridian Indigo,  Cobalt Blue and Ultramarine Blue. BRUSHES A big flat brush to wet the paper and a 25 mm (1”) […]

Watercolour artwork tutorial of a snowy winter path

A SNOWY WINTER PATH : Watercolour winter landscape Step by Step tutorial.

In this painting, the white spaces have been created using masking fluid and white opaque paint. Some additional branches and leaves have been painted with Chinese White or Permanent White in the last step. Permanent White is an opaque colour but does not remain white once dry; it tends to become a  little grey. I […]

Watercolour butterfly painting on Echinacea by Maria Balcells

MONARCH BUTTERLY ON ECHINACEA: Watercolour flowers tutorial step by step.

This picture has been painted with a very vibrant background with many colours but soft edges which are balanced with the very hard edges of the butterfly figure. The transition of the colours can be achieved with a varied wash wet on wet or glazing layer of soft edges using a variation of colours. You […]


VINEYARD IN AUTUMN: Watercolour landscape tutorial. Step by Step

I painted this picture inspired by a photo I made during an autumn holiday we made. La Provence is a lovely area in the south of France.  We have been so lucky to find a house to rent in the middle of a Vineyard. We had no neighbours and the only visitors were the dogs […]